A downloadable Counter for Windows and macOS

For many years, mankind has sought out the true definition of art. Now, you can shit all over that quest by making terrible abominations that make us regret not giving art a precise definition.

The bruh counter is one of these many abominations, now with less purpose than ever!

If someone can make a song with this thing I will make a youtube apology video.


• Count the amount of bruhs that have been uttered

• Set a bruh per second value for automation

• Change the pitch of the bruh

• Change the volume of the program

• Replace the background image

• Replace the sound

• Pretty much fully customizable

• Saving

• Loading

• FUckin uhh

Soorce: https://github.com/Baggef/BruhCounter


Bruh Counter 6 MB
Bruh Counter OSX 8 MB

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